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Welcome to Mydas
Mydas SA is an independent international trader of commodities and a Risk Management Service Provider. We create value for our customers by combining trading know-how, smart systems, a pioneering spirit and a conviction that open Markets are better Markets.

Mydas SA is a trading house for a broad spectrum of commodities accross the power, energy, oil and metals markets: The focus of our activities are to supply partners and customers alike with flexible, large trading-based products with the support of an in house Foreign Exchange platform backed by one of the worlds leading banks.

The 8 employees of Mydas SA manage portfolios on behalf of our clients. We effect both forward and spot positions with leading European Exchanges and bilaterally in the OTC Markets. To ensure the necessary liquidity, Mydas SA has developed a broad portfolio of national and international trading partners since the company started in 2007.

Mydas SA has the philosophy to be flexible, efficient and innovative in the way we operate. For this reason our portfolio is not rigid but constantly adapts to the challenges of the Markets we operate in through carefully considered solutions and outstanding service.

A significant factor in the success of Mydas SA is the cooperation with our partners and customers on a personal level. Experience has taught us that maintaining close relationships between our staff and our partners can easily solve daily tasks and challenges so this ethic is at the core of our business.

Partner with Mydas today and think differently!
Who We are  
Mydas SA located in the heart of Switzerland and is one of the world's fastest growing private traders of commodities.

Mydas SA operates within worldwide markets in the sourcing and managing supply of metals, agricultural and energy products such as Electricity, Gas and Fuels.
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